Random Facts

  1. I was born in Portland, Oregon.

  2. In July 1965.

  3. I have blue eyes.

  4. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life.

  5. Except for the 22 months I lived in the Nevada desert.

  6. My favorite color is purple.

  7. I have 3 daughters.

  8. I took lots of fertility drugs to get them.

  9. I thank gawd and my fabulous doctor every time I look at my daughters.

 10. I work to live. I don’t live to work.

 11. I’m married.

 12. To my second husband.

 13. He’s a good man in many ways.

 14. Being married is not my favorite thing.

 15. It feels sad to write that.

 16. I’m remembering lately that it’s ok to do what I want.

 17. I love that my daughters are older now.

 18. They are amazing young women and mostly fun to be around.

 19. I miss my mom. I didn’t expect to miss her at all. Weird that.

 20. I can think about my dad now without seeing ‘red’ right off.

 21. I am 5’2″.

 22. My hair is not naturally curly although almost everyone else in my family of origin’s is. I hate this so I fix it.

 23. I’ve ridden across the US on a motorcycle.

 24. I spent a summer in South Carolina with people I’d never met until I stepped off the plane.

 25. I have 3 dogs.

 26. I hate the telephone.

 27. I like to gamble.

 28. I write. It’s necessary. To. My. Sanity.

 29. I used to sing. Alot.

 30. Not so much anymore.

 31. The joy disappeared from it.

 32. About the time I remarried.

 33. I’ve been in therapy.

 34. For a fucking long time.

 35. I’m getting more gray hair every day. I still think I won’t be coloring it. We’ll see if I hold that thought as more of it shows up.

 36. My cell phone ring tone is the theme to Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.

 37. Except the ring tone for my husband is the song played at our wedding.

 38. And the one for home is the Peanuts theme.

 39. Fred Rogers is my hero.

 40. I corresponded with him a bit.

 41. I wanted to meet him so badly.

 42. My heart broke when he died.

 43. Two years to the day after my brother died.

 44. My favorite flower is the tulip.

 45. I don’t like coffee.

 46. Or tea.

 47. I drink too much diet soda.

 48. And probably will continue to no matter what news hype there is about it. I figure if it’s my only vice, I’m probably ok.

 49. I’ve never smoked.

 50. The thought of lung cancer terrifies me. Completely. As in mind numbing terror.

 51. I didn’t know I had a sense of humor until I was 31 years old.

 52. I hate shoes.

 53. But LOVE socks!

 54. Whip cream is disgusting.

 55. I worry about what I will do when my children are all gone from home.

 56. I am determined to figure out what to do before the last one leaves.

 57. I’ve embarrassed my children by walking up to complete strangers in a store and asking them if I could see their baby’s feet.

 58. I love baby feet.

 59. My next tattoo is going to be of my girl’s baby feets.

 60. I have a butterfly tattoo on my left ankle.

 61. I got it almost 10 years ago to celebrate my breast reduction.

 62. Rain soothes me.

 63. Rascal Flatts is my favorite group right now.

 64. I belong to their fan club.

 65. Sometimes I feel silly for that.

 66. I never met my biological father.

 67. But I dreamed of him after he died.

 68. In the dream, he walked up to me on the street and said “I always loved you.”

 69. I didn’t find out when he died until two years ago.

 70. But I had the dream when he died in 1990. Weird that.

 71. I have 4 half sisters somewhere in the world.

 72. I would like to find them.

 73. I’ve tried all I know with no success so far.

 74. I didn’t celebrate Christmas until I was 33 years old.

 75. Or my birthday.

 76. Now I have a birthday week.

 77. I’m thinking of expanding that to a birthday MONTH. I’ve got some catching up to do!

 78. I now think of the month of February as Fucking February.

 79. This year, the 1st day of February was a Friday.

 80. That made it Friday, the First of Fucking February.

 81. Now that’s alot of alliteration.

 82. I’ve been run over by a truck.

 83. I had a 2 year relationship with a woman after my first marriage ended.

 84. I’ve been arrested. Sort of.

 85. I hate yard work.

 86. I love reading.

 87. I play video games with my daughters.

 88. They kick my butt.

 89. I notice more and more how much my hands look like my mom’s. Hers were a bit smaller than mine but it’s still weird. And in an odd way, kind of comforting too.

 90. I find it odd that I’m touched by these similarities in view of my relationship with my mom.

 91. I don’t question that I am any more though. She was my mom. Good. Bad. or Otherwise.

 92. The continuity of it is what I think touches me most. My hands look like hers. Hers looked like her moms. My girls look like mine.

 93. I cannot wait to be a grandmother.

 94. I’m sure I have years and years to wait though.

 95. That’s a good thing too.

 96. I think I will carry on my mom’s title and be their Granny.

 97. It feels right.

 98. I am going to live to be 100.

 99. I’ve said that for years.

100. I mean it too.


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