another whatchacallit

So, last night I’m in my bedroom changing clothes and muttering to myself about the latest hoo-ha with my husband about my latest um, “lack of forthrightness” episode. No one was around so no one heard my voice get louder and louder as I progressed to not quite yelling in frustration.

I knew I’d reached another important place in my journey when I pounded on my pillow and nearly growled out the words  “Dammit Rory, I am NOT a fuckup!” How is this important?

My husband’s name is Tim.

My EX husband’s name is Rory.


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  1. Rory, Tim, Bill or Bob… I don’t give a damn WHAT his name is, if he’s calling you a “fuck-up”, he’s in some serious shit with me.

    I personally do not believe that accusations of any kind belong in intimate/familial relationships, and certainly not accusations of THAT kind. If he wants to take issue with some behavior or incident, or whatever, fine.. take issue with IT. But to misdirect his frustration or disappointment and aim it at YOU? The woman he LOVES??? He’s pissing me off.


  2. I agree completely with Shari!

    I used to be Fallen Angels…I replied to your email but don’t know if you got the reply. I made my blog private due to a stalker…then I decided I didn’t like having a private blog and have moved…completely new blog and screen name. I’m glad you emailed! I had lost your blog, also.


  3. That is such a common mistake. The good thing? Perhaps what’s-his-name will realize that he is following in the footsteps of that other jerk.

    I don’t care what is going on between a couple, no one deserves that kind of language. Please listen to us here in your corner. We know you are anything but that.

    Hugs, Traci, and just remember you are what you know you are, not what someone else says in anger.


  4. well…from what read, i never thought anyone called her a “fuck up” in this particular instance…i just assumed it was a “in her head conversation, and “in her head”, that is the direction the conversation went.

    and i assumed, that her “another whatchmacallit” was another break-through of perhaps realizing she is pinning her ex’s reactions to her current spouse.

    now i could be all wrong in my interpretation of what her story said, but that is what i got out of it.

    regardless…it sounds like the “whatchamacallit” was an eye-opening experience for Traci and that is always good.

    you are strong and a survivor…keep plowing forward.


  5. You’re not a fuck up.

    Have you read “The Verbally Abusive Relationship?” If you haven’t let me know and send me your address.



    You are the greatest person I have ever known Traci. I’m sorry I didn’t see it earlier. I know I can do Better!! I just don’t want to lose you.


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