Today, I am grateful…

for having my job. Even though, there are days (like today) when I swear if I ever see another set of blueprints I will scream long and loudly and will continue to do so until said blueprints are removed from my work area!

for my youngest daughter still wanting her mommy to wake her up in the morning and tuck her into bed at night. I love it (and her) so much. She’s 15 now and I know this may change at any moment so when I walk into her bedroom in the morning and watch her sleeping, I say a quick thank you to the universe.

for knowing that February is almost over. Gawd, I hate February.

for the absolutely stunning weather we’re having. It’s blue skies and sunshine and about 60 degrees today. I fear we may end up paying for this lovely weather later however right now, it’s mood lifting to look outside.

for deciding I needed to write this grateful post today because I am determined to find my way through this dark month safely and positively dammit.

for knowing that in three weeks my oldest daughter is taking me to Vegas for 4 days. She’s paid for the entire thing herself and is very, very excited about it. Our first mother-daughter trip as adults. A new frontier I’m thinking.

for my awesome massage therapist. I’ve never been able to stand getting a massage until I met this woman. She’s trained as a physical therapist and I actually get deep tissue work done that has made such a difference for the excrutiating headaches I get.

for being told that I don’t actually have rheumatoid arthritis even though the blood test said I did. Apparently the low level positive can mean other things.

for learning that I have fibromyalgia. It seems there are 18 points on the body that doctors look for when trying to diagnose this particular ‘algia. Apparently if someone has 11 of the 18 points that hurt chronically, the diagnosis is given. Anyone care to guess how many of those I have? Uh huh…18. I don’t care what it’s called. I’m just grateful to know I’m not crazy.

for knowing that my worker’s comp claim will be approved soon. Unless, of course, they come up with another stall tactic. I need surgery for carpel tunnel and have some severe nerve damage in my hands and have known since September that I need this surgery. Is my place of employment in any big hurry to help me? Mmm…not so much.

for friends. I am truly blessed. What a special place to be at this time in my life.

for another opening night. Daughter #3 is a waiter for her school’s production of As You Like It which is being presented in dinner theater fashion. Daughter #2 is doing makeup and hair and we have friends coming with us tonight. The food will suck (it’s been terrible for years!) but the show and the company will be lovely so fun times all around.

for knowing that I will be able to get my ‘baby fix’ soon. A friend is expecting her 3rd baby in April and I called her the other day to say “When are you having that kid? I need to hold a baby!”

for lunch time. It’s now and I’m outta here for awhile.

Have a reasonable day. Peace.


6 responses to this post.

  1. I’m SOOOO glad you don’t have RA.


  2. Oh, Traci, what a great list.

    I hate to hear you have FMS, but I do, too, and it could be SO much worse. I remember the knots in my gut as they ruled our RA, MS, Lupus, etc. It’s not fun, but it is manageable for most of us. Keep that massage therapist on your speed dial!

    I’m glad you are finding time to remember the good parts of your life. Hugs, and much happiness, Traci.


  3. Good for you, Twinnie! Hope your worker’s comp. comes through quickly!! Wish I could see the show tonight — give ’em a little extra applause for me, eh?


  4. I am glad they were able to rule out RA and the other scary illnesses. FMS is at least a diagnosis, and the massage therapist will be worth her weight in gold for that.

    Only a few more hours until March! You can do it!


  5. My FMS treatment when I bring out the “big guns”(which may not be as necessary for you since you have a great massage therapist) is BioFreeze. Look it up on-line, it’s difficult to find locally. When I am having pain deep in the muscle and joints, that is the only thing that touches the pain. It’s also the only thing that comes close to even soothing incredibly painful muscle spasms. It’s a great product. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about it. I am NOT a seller of it, just a user who has benefitted greatly from it.


  6. Enjoyed your list, it made me smile. I have a friend who has a small baby and they are very therapeutic (for holding… raising is another kettle of fish!)


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