grateful redux

It’s March. Thank goodness. Or something. Today I’m grateful:

for Friday. ‘Nuff said.

for words in an email yesterday that touched me in just the right (and much needed) way. I can feel the fog trying to lift thanks to them…and the friend who sent them.

for knowing that even though I’ve done some pretty stupid things this last month or so, I don’t have to keep repeating them over and over.

for daughter #2’s trip to Philly in just a few days. Some kind of field trip eh? I must admit to being a bit worried though as I think they’re flying on Southwest and hasn’t that airline just been in the news for poor plane conditions? I guess I could get off my ass and read the news page couldn’t I?

for doing my best not to worry about daughter #2 on the above mentioned field trip. I can feel my brain, heart, feelings shutting off just when I start thinking about something going wrong. I’m determined not to worry as I know there’s nothing I could do to change whatever’s going to happen. This is a sign that I’m still not in my best place but it’s good that I can write it down at least.

for more sunshine today. Not quite as warm though but I can live with it. Spring is almost here.

for daughter #3 seeming to be in an improved mood. The show’s almost over and she gets to hang with her friends this weekend.

for learning that I have an appointment for an independent medical exam about my hands (finally) in April. This will be almost a year after the pain began but at least it’s going to be dealt with now.

for putting makeup on today. This is big. I’ve felt pretty shitty lately and it’s a good sign that I look like I cared a bit more today.

for ‘aha’ moments yesterday. Really big ones.

for being able to send a text message to my oldest daughter. I’m not real current with technology (although I could be if it wasn’t financially prohibitive!) but that girl carries her cell phone everywhere. I’ve not heard from her in several days so it was good to connect that way.

for maybe going clamming this weekend. If we can hit the tide just right. I hate clams but I love digging them. What would be more fun would be crabbing but I’ll take what I can get…fresh air, the ocean and nothing important to get to in a hurry.

I’m out.



5 responses to this post.

  1. Good words to read, Traci! I’m glad you’re in a better place. 🙂 Hugs.


  2. Hi Twinnie! Just checking in… glad to see you writing again. I’ll send you some of our warmth and sunshine — Spring is here already, so I’d be happy to share. And I’m sending a hug to go with it!


  3. Big hugs to you, and have fun clamming if you go. The thought of it makes me so homesick…


  4. I know what you mean about the make-up. I use less and less because I just can’t be bothered, and on the days when I bother, I am always glad I did. I think there’s something in that. 🙂

    Sending you a sunshine hug from my neck of the woods. (Where the snow comes and goes, but today the Sun God rules.)


  5. Posted by mx sara on Friday, March 14, 2008 at 7:07 am

    i was random blogging and read your “my story” all the way though … keep with it

    as tricky as the unraveling is regaining our self worth is the payoff

    and of course everyones inherent worth is fabulous
    the destruction of it is a power game that reflects badly on the perpetrators not the victims i wonder though that religion condones it .. mine is different to yours but similar in making the innocent guilty and guilty blameless ]

    lucky you with your beautiful children who it sounds have been protected and are therefore free

    i couldn’t myself let there be children in case
    they suffered as i did [ i regret that now as i see i would have protected them but i didn’t know that during the relevant time ] silly me

    anyhow i just want to say your experience is not

    so uncommon and good work etc etc



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